Mac Tips Daily! #137 - Map Address Book Contacts

Have you ever needed a map to show you the route to locate a particular contact? Address Book in OS X Tiger gives you an easy way to map any contact in your address book. Requirements: Internet Connection & a Physical Address entered in the address book for the contact you want to map. Let's get to it: Open 'Address Book' Finder -> Go -> Applications -> Address Book address book Next, select the contact you want to map. contact Then, click on the 'circular cog', and a drop down menu will appear. Choose 'Map This Address' menu Now you default browser will launch, go out on the internet, and show a map of your contact. mapquest This method used Mapquest.com to map your contact, but some people have even hacked it so it can use Google Maps. To get the Plug-In to use Google Maps, visit www.briantoth.com