Mac Tips Daily! #135 - Desktop Printers

Users from the OS9 days frequently ask about how to create a desktop printer. You can still do this in OS X, they just bury it inside of the Printer Setup Utility. It's a very handy feature, since you simply need to drag and drop your document onto it, and it starts to print. Here is how to do it: Click on the 'Finder' icon on your dock to make it active, then choose 'Go->Utilities' utilities Next, select 'Printer Setup Utility' printer setup utility Click on the printer that you want to become your desktop printer - this will select it. select a printer Next, go to the menu, and choose 'Printers->Create Desktop Printer' menu A dialog box will appear with a default name for your printer. You can choose to rename it, or leave it as is. Next, click 'Save' dialog Now you have a printer icon on your desktop. printer To print, simply 'drag & drop' a printable file onto your new 'desktop printer'. With a few exceptions, you can print almost any document this way. Give it a try!