Mac Tips Daily! #133 - Summarize Email

Have you ever wanted to summarize an email, just to hit the highlights, before your forward it out to a friend of colleague? You can do this right from Mail.app, via the Services menu. Here is how to do it: Open 'Mail' mail icon Next, find a really long message that is begging to be summarized. Then, select all of the text in that message that you want to summarize. selected text Next, go to the 'Mail' menu, and choose 'Services' services Now, choose 'Summarize' summarize Up pops a box and you can select whether or not you want to summarize 'Sentences' or 'Paragraphs.. just choose the option you want. Drag the slider left or right, and it determines how much is summarized. summary Now, just copy and paste it into another document or message, and send off the summarized version.