Mac Tips Daily! #131 - iTunes Tell a Friend

Have you ever found a song on iTunes you wanted to share with a friend? iTunes makes it very easy to do so, so easy, they will send an e-card with the artists artwork, links to buy, and even a download for iTunes link, just in case your friend doesn't have iTunes installed. Here is how to do it: Open iTunes itunes Next, go to the Music Store. You can do this by clicking on 'Music store' in the Source pane of iTunes. Once you are there, simply choose a song or album you want to share. Then, next to the art work, click on the 'Tell a friend' link. artwork Next, it will ask you to input your friend's email address, and your name, any comments, etc. tell a friend Click Send, and they will get a nice email card showcasing the song. It's a great way to share music with your friends, and it helps promote the iTunes music store.