Mac Tips Daily! #127 - Prioritize Network Connections

Mac OS X lets you connect to a network or the internet in many different ways. You can use Ethernet, Firewire, Airport, Modems, Bluetooth, etc. You can configure the connections to try into a particular priority. You should start with the fastest first, and order them the way you normally connect. Here is how: Open 'System Preferences' System Preferences Next, choose 'Network' Mactips127 2 Now, if the padlock is locked (bottom left) click on it and authenticate. You need to have it unlocked before you make any modifications. Next, click on the 'Show' drop down menu, and choose 'Network Port Configurations' Mactips127 3 Now, 'drag and drop' your connections into your preferred order. I generally go from fastest -> slowest on the ones I use (i.e. Ethernet, Airport, Modem) Mactips127 4