Mac Tips Daily! #123 - Default Browsers

Every time you click on a hyperlink from an application, it launches your 'default' browser. If you haven't installed any additional browsers, then your default is Safari. Perhaps you prefer Camino or Firefox, or maybe Omniweb? Do you want one of those to be your default browser? In fact, it's a good idea to have a few alternative browsers installed, in case a web site doesn't support Safari. Internet Explorer 5 is so old, web page functionality is limited, and Microsoft doesn't even support it anymore. In fact, I quickly removed it from my Applications, since it's so outdated. Once you choose your favorite browser, you can easily set it up to be your default. Here is how to change it: Open Safari safari Safari menu -> Preferences SAFARI-PREFS Now, click on the 'Default Web Browser' drop down menu, and choose your desired browser. If you don't see anything other than Safari in the list, you may not have any others installed. If you do have them installed, and they aren't on the list, choose the 'Select' option, and then navigate to the browsers location to choose it. defaults