Mac Tips Daily! #121 - Local Radio Hits

Have you ever been listening to your local radio station and you hear a song, but the announcer didn't announce what it was? Well, you may be able to find out, with the help of iTunes. Open 'iTunes' ituens Next, in the 'Source' pane, click on the 'Music Store' music store Now, select 'Radio Charts' Mactips121 2 When the new window opens up, select your closest city, and then choose the radio station you were listening to. Then you will be presented with a list of songs, in the current rotation on that station. You can click on each one for the 30 sec preview, and if you find the one you like, you can even buy it. radio station Plus, this also gives you an idea of what the local stations are playing... it's pretty cool to look at other cities too, and compare their playlists with yours.