Mac Tips Daily! #115 - Resizing Photos In Mail

I hate receiving 3 or 4 megabyte photos in my email box. I used to REALLY hate it when I was on dial-up internet access. Avoid sending large message at all costs! Unless they are looking to print your photos, there is no need to send the full size picture. Even if you don't want to take the time to resize them in Photoshop, you can do a simple resize right from within Mail. It doesn't get them as compact & efficient as Photoshop would, but it's quick and easy, and has decent results. Here is how to do it: Create a new message, and attach a photo. To attach it, you can 'drag & drop' the picture right into the email message, or you can choose 'Attach' and navigate to where the picture is on your computer. In the image below, look at the right hand corner. There is a drop down menu and you can resize your message from there. Your options are: Actual Size, Small, Medium, and Large. As you go through each option, look at the message size indicator on the bottom left of the window. It will tell you what the current message size it. attached filedrop down menu Select an appropriate size ( I use a rule of thumb of no more than 100K for a picture.. if possible), and send it off. Your friends and family will be much happier to see the photos, now that they are more efficient to receive via email.