Mac Tips Daily! #110 - Redirecting Email

I hate it when I forward an email, it makes it look ugly, and it includes the 'FWD' in the subject line. I prefer to 'Redirect'. Redirecting email has many uses -- such as reporting SPAM to your ISP. This keeps the message in tact, and lets the spam report be more effective. Also, if you receive an email in error, redirecting keeps the original author's reply address, creation date and time, etc. So, if you redirect it to the proper recipient, then when they reply to the message, it will go to the original author, not you. Note: redirecting will show that you originally received it, and you redirected it.. this let's the recipient know that someone else has seen the email. Here is how to do it: Open 'Mail' mail Next, select a message, and then go to the menu, and choose 'Message -> Redirect' redirect