Mac Tips Daily! #109 - Mail Parental Controls

To moderate what your children are exposed to, Apple has setup some new Parental Control features in OS X. While they aren't the most robust, they do the job, if configured properly. Here is how to setup parental controls for email. Note: Your child must have their own account in OS X, or you can't set these up. Open 'System Preferences'. 'Apple menu -> System Preferences'. Choose 'Accounts' accounts Now, if the 'padlock' is locked, click on it and 'authenticate'. This will allow you to make changes. padlock Next, select your child's account. It will be one of three types. Either Admin, Standard, or Managed. If it is already managed, great.. you already have some parental control setup. If it's Standard or Admin, we need to change it. Note: As soon as you enable any of these parental controls, the account goes from a 'Standard' to a 'Managed' account. account screen Be sure that 'Allow User To Administer this computer' is not enabled. Next, click on the 'Parental Controls' Tab. parental tab Enable the 'Mail' parental control. This will bring up a new window. This is where you are going to enter any email addresses you want the child to be able to send email to, or receive email from. email list After you have added the email addresses, add a check mark next to 'Send Permission Emails To:' In this box, enter YOUR email address. If anyone tries to send your child an email or they want to send one to someone not on the list you just defined, you will get an email in your account asking for permission. Very handy, and it keeps bad spam from your kids eyes.