Mac Tips Daily! #108 - Smooth Screen Fonts

You can make your text on your Mac easier to read by choosing the correct anti-aliasing (font smoothing) for your screen. note: you may or may not notice any difference, depending on your display type. Here is how to do it: First, open 'System Preferences'. Apple menu -> System Preferences system prefs Next, choose 'Appearance' Mactips108 2 Now, choose the proper 'Font Smoothing Style' for your display. Automatic - let's tiger decide what it thinks is best for your display. Standard - If you have an older style tube display. Light - If you want the least amount of smoothing. Medium - best for a Flat Panel Strong - really get your smoothing on... display Also, choose a font size on 'Turn off text smoothing for font sizes' if you plan on working with any small fonts. The smoothing makes the smaller fonts harder to read.