Mac Tips Daily! #107 - Searching System Preferences

Do you ever forget where to change the password or those pesky Airport network options? Well, in OS X Tiger, you can search the System Preferences. The great thing is that it even knows 'Windows' terminology - a handy feature for switchers trying to learn where stuff is within Mac OS X. First open 'System Preferences' - 'Apple Menu -> System Preferences' system prefs Next, type in a search term in the search box. Type in something you know to be true in Windows.. such as 'Wallpaper'. It will take you to the corresponding Mac preference. If you are not a Windows user, type in a Mac term. In the image below, I typed in 'Password'. See all of the option it presents to me. Use the arrow keys to go up and down, and watch the spotlight move to the relevant pane. pref spotlight