Mac Tips Daily! #105 - iPhoto Revert

When you are editing your pictures with iPhoto, it's very easy to make a change and then regret it later. Apple knows this.. so iPhoto keeps a copy of the original, and makes it very easy for us to get our picture back to it's original state before you modified it. Here is how to do it: iphoto Launch 'iPhoto', and either find a picture you have modified previously, or select a picture and do something to it, such as take out the red eye or crop it. For this example, I selected a picture of my dog 'nila' - (she was so cute as a puppy!) Notice the blue outline around it, this denotes that it is selected. nila Now, go to the iPhoto menu, and choose 'Photos -> Revert to Original'. If this option is grayed out so you can't select it, then that picture hasn't been previously modified. After you choose this option, your picture should be back to it's original state.