Mac Tips Daily! #101 - Exporting About this Mac

Sometimes you need critical system information, such as how much Ram you have, installed applications, model of dvd burner, serial number, etc. If you are a novice.. you may need to have someone help you with your Mac, and they will ask you questions about it. Instead of trying to relay all of this over the phone, send them an email with all of the particulars. Here is how to do it: First, go to the 'Apple Menu -> About this mac' about this mac Next, choose More Info. more info Now, choose the profile view you want - Mini, Basic, or Full. Whichever one is currently being viewed, is the one that will be exported. Full is the default. profiles Now, go to File -> Save As save as and choose the type of format you want. You have three file format choices to choose from, for you export. System Profiler 4.0 (XML) will give you a file the person can open up on their Mac, and it will launch their system profiler app, and it will look just like what you have on your screen. Rich Text Format, it will give a text based summary of your info, but it is nicely formatted. Finally, you can do Plain Text, which is straight ASCII, and some people actually prefer this. Before you export, ask the person you are sending it to, what format they prefer. types Simply save the document, and then email it to you computer guru (not me ;-).