Mac Tips Daily! # 226 - Create iTunes Wish Lists

Subscribe with iTunes | Review on iTunes As you are browsing the iTunes store, create a 'Wish List' so you can you can quickly buy the items you don't want to buy today, but maybe later on. You will need to be connected to the internet to add items or listen to the previews. Let's get to it: Open iTunes itunes Create a 'New Playlist'. itunes file menu Name it 'Wish List' wish list playlist Now, click on the 'iTunes Store' icon. itunes store icon Now, browse the iTunes store and add any music or videos you want to your wish list. Simply Drag & Drop the individual items right onto your 'Wish List' playlist. wish list After you purchase the items, the ':30 sec', 'Price' and 'Buy Song' items will disappear. Note: You cannot add 'Audio Book' previews, and you can't add whole albums, just individual tracks.