Mac Tips Daily! # 225 - iPhoto Browser

Subscribe with iTunes | Review on iTunes With a simple 1 step Automator action, you can browse your iPhoto library without opening iPhoto. This really comes in handy when you want to do a quick full-size photo export, or look for a specific photo. I saw this tip on 'Macbreak' and thought you would enjoy it. Part 1: Create the Automator Action Open 'Automator' (find it in your Applications folder) automator In the 'Library' column, select 'iPhoto'. Under the 'Action' column, drag and drop 'Ask for Photos' into the column on the right. Click to enlarge Go to the menu and choose 'File -> Save as plugin'. save as plugin Enter a descriptive name, such as 'iPhoto Browser'. Be sure 'Finder' is the selected Plug-in. plugin name Exit Automator. -- Part 2: How to use it: 'Right click' or 'Control+Click' on your Desktop Choose 'Automator - > iPhoto Browser'. automator menu Now, the Automator action will run, and present you with a browser for your photos. iphoto browser You can use the search box to locate specific ones. To export a full sized photo 'Drag & Drop' it to any location. Note: To exit the browser, click on 'Choose' or 'Cancel'. Choose won't do anything, since we didn't add anything else to the automator action when we created it.