Mac Tips Daily! # 220 - Menu Extras

In the top right hand corner of your mac, you probably have some tiny icons. These are called menu extras. They are little icons that allow you to control certain aspects of your mac. You usually turn them on by enabling a feature somewhere in system preferences. If you want to try some new ones or maybe get back one you lost, try this tip. menu extras Here is how to do it: Double click on your Macintosh HD. Navigate to this path: System -> Library -> Core Services -> Menu Extras Inside this folder you will find 23 of the built in menu extras. Some will be familiar to you, others completely new. Not all items will work on your Mac. For example, if you have a desktop mac, the battery menu will not even open. Removal from menu bar: hold down COMMAND and Click+Drag the item off of the menu bar. Warning: Since you are deep inside your SYSTEM folder, DO NOT MOVE OR DELETE ANYTHING! It's fine to double click on them and see if they appear in your menu bar.. but don't do anything else.