Mac Tips Daily! # 219 - iTunes Download Speed

Subscribe with iTunes | Review on iTunes When you are downloading podcasts or store content with the new iTunes 7, you may have noticed a new feature - a download manager. Here is a quick way to check out the current transfer speed of items being downloaded with iTunes. Open iTunes 7 itunes 7 Start downloading some content. You can purchase something from iTunes or even download some of the free content. You can also simply check for new podcast updates by click on Podcast and choosing 'Refresh'. When iTunes starts to download, a new option will appear that says downloads, and it shows how many items are queued up to download. Once you see it appear, click on it. and the download window will open. itunes download By default the status column shows the size of the file and how much longer it estimates the download will take. itunes download However, if you want to see how many bits per second your speed is, just click on the progress bar and it will toggle to the transfer speed view. download speed in bits You can do this on each download that is transferring. It's also a nice feature to see how fast a server is able to deliver the content.