Mac Tips Daily! # 218 - Folder Backgrounds

Subscribe with iTunes | Review on iTunes Mac OS X allows you to add backgrounds in your folders. It's a great way to customize specific windows with your own 'wallpaper or color'. Here is how to do it: Activate the Finder and navigate to the folder you wish to customize. Finder80X80 This only works in ICON view, so you need select it. You can click the 4 squares, go to VIEW -> as Icons, or press COMMAND-1. customize this finder window view menu Once the 'View Options' dialog appears, select whether or not you want to customize 'This window only' or 'All Windows'. Then, choose white, color, or picture. view options If you choose Picture, choose 'Select' and navigate to your image. By default, it will open up the 'Desktop Pictures' folder, but you can select any image you would like, just navigate to the folder that holds it. desktop picture Now, you will have a background in the folder. If you don't see it, be sure you are in ICON view mode. folder background