Mac Tips Daily! # 216 - Email iCal Events

Subscribe with iTunes | Review on iTunes Since today is my birthday, I thought I would show you how to email iCal events to your friends, and they can import them into their favorite calendar (iCal, Google Calendar, Windows Calendar, etc) Here is how to do it: Open 'iCal' ical Next, choose a particular event that you would like to share with others. In this example, I don't want anyone to forget my birthday... so I am sending them that particular event. ical event Right Click or Control+Click the selected event, and when the contextual menu appears, choose 'Mail Event'. mail event Now, your default mail application will open with the calendar attached and a short message. emai Send the email, and then the recipient simply needs to import the attached file into their preferred calendar. Common calendars are 'iCal, Google Calendar, and Windows Calendar'.