Mac Tips Daily! # 215 - Customize Mail Columns

Subscribe with iTunes | Review on iTunes If you use Mail.app, you can customize which mail columns are available for viewing. You can customize it on an individual mailbox, or select them all. Here is how to do it: Open 'Mail.app' Mail80X80 1. Select the mailbox you want to customize. If you have multiple email accounts, you will have multiple mailboxes under the 'Inbox'. You can choose the Inbox to select all of them, or simply choose the one you want. Inbox 2. Now hold down Control and click (or right click) on one of the message columns. headers 3. A popup menu will appear, and now you can click on the columns that you want to be visible. Any that you want to remove, click on them and it will remove the check-mark next to them. popup menu 4. If you don't like where the column headers appear after you add new ones, click and drag them to reorder them to your preferred order. If you choose the Sort By, you can also select how the messages are sorted. Very handy! You can use this on any of your mailboxes, even the 'Sent' mailbox and it's sub-mailboxes if available.