Mac Tips Daily! # 213 - iChat Backgrounds

Do you like to customize your Mac? Add a cool background to your chat window. It's only for your viewing pleasure, and the people on the other end of the IM won't see it, but your chat windows will look really snazzy. Here is how to do it: Open iChat AV ichat Open up a chat window by double clicking on one of your online buddies. buddy list Now you should have a blank chat window. chat window Go to the menu and choose VIEW -> Set Chat Background. menu Navigate to a picture that you want to add as your background and choose OPEN. I have tried JPEG and PNG formats, but it probably supports more, so give it a try. bacground Now, your chat window will have a repeating background. It's best to use a smaller sized image. If you use a high res picture, then you won't be able to see all of it in the window. Smaller pictures repeat. chat wallpaper If you get tired of it, go back to the VIEW menu and choose Clear Background.