Mac Tips Daily! # 212 - iChatAV Chat Groups

Have some family, friends, or co-workers you want to start a group chat with? It's easy with iChat AV. If you buddies are online you can create your own personal chat room. Here is how to do it: Open 'iChatAV' ichat Hold down Command and click on each online user you want to chat with, and then click the 'A' at the bottom of the iChat window. If they aren't online, the 'A' will grey our and you won't be able to create your group. ichat A new window will open and show the participates you want to invite. Type in a message and press enter, and the invitations will go out. Whoever accepts will join you in the chat room. Notice it says et al. to tell others that there are multiple people. chatroom If you want to add someone to the chat, click the '+' sign in the Participants: panel. Choose the new user from your contact list. If you want to choose someone that's not on your list, choose 'Other' and type in their screen name and send an invite. chat Note: On the podcast, I said that the chat would end for all if the person that initiated it disconnects. Well, after further testing, it seems as if people are still connected, and the person that created the chat group can disconnect, and it won't affect the other chatters from continuing on.