Mac Tips Daily! # 210 - Logout and Sleep Shortcuts

If you are ever in a hurry to change the active state of your Mac, here are a few keyboard shortcuts to get the job done quickly. Folder CONTROL-EJECT - This will bring up the dialog asking you what you want to do - Restart sleep or shut down. COMMAND-OPTION-EJECT - This will put the mac to sleep right away. CONTROL-COMMAND-EJECT - This will restart your Mac instantly. COMMAND-SHIFT-Q - This will Log you out. When it brings up the menu, click Log out. COMMAND-OPTION-SHIFT-Q - This will log you out right away withour asking you to click the Logout button. Note: During the podcast.. I inadvertently said 'control-option-eject' made your Mac go to sleep. My mistake.. it's 'command-option-eject'. The list above is accurate. icon by fasticon.com