Mac Tips Daily! # 209 - Change Printer Names

Do you have multiple printers connected to your Mac? Are you tired of people printing to your color printer, when there is a perfectly good B&W laser printer around? Well, if you give the printers a more descriptive name, maybe they will be able to choose the correct printer, without having to remember which name and model number to use. Open 'System Preferences' system preference Next, click on 'Print and Fax' print and fax Now, click on the 'Printing' tab. If the padlock is locked, click on it and authenticate. (I've also found, you can change the settings without authenticating... a flaw in Mac OS X maybe?) Notice the default names aren't very descriptive about what the printer can do. Select a printer to change, and then click on 'Printer Setup'. diagram Click on the drop down menu, and choose 'Name & Location'. Now, click in the printer name box, and type in a new Printer name. If you want, you can even change the Location name to something more specific. This is great for offices, when the printer may be in someone's office. When you are done, click 'Apply Changes' drop down Repeat these steps for each printer you want to change. Notice the new name is more descriptive, and will make selection much easier for someone who isn't familiar with your printer setup. Picture-6-2