Mac Tips Daily! # 207 - Email Groups

Do you send a batch of email to the same people over and over? Do you forward every joke you get to a certain group of people? Do you send out the soccer schedule to 20 families? Save yourself some time, and create some email groups.

Here is how to do it:

Open 'Address Book'

  address book

Now, click on the '+' under the group column, and enter the name of your new group. In this example, I called mine jokes.

add new groups

Click on ALL in the group column, and it will show all of your addresses. Now, drag and drop names from your Name column onto the new group you created.

You can do it one at a time, or select multiple names by holding down Command and clicking on each name, and then dragging and dropping onto the group name you created.

When you are done, click on the group name just to verify that your entries were added. They should show up in the Name column.

Now, exit address book, and launch MAIL.


Click on NEW to create a new message.


new message

In the TO: field, type the group name you just added. In my example, I typed in jokes since that was the name of the group.

After you type the name, press TAB and your name should show a blue bubble around it.


If all of people in your list appeared, that is OK. However, some people prefer to keep their email private, and if you send the message out that shows their email, they may become peeved. So, to protect the privacy, do this.

Go to Mail -> Preferences

mail prefs

Click on the Composing icon. Now, uncheck the box 'When sending to a group, show all member addresses'

mail prefs

Not only will this keep others email addresses private from everyone in your group, but it appears to them that they were the only recipient on the list.