Mac Tips Daily! # 206 - Mail New Message Defaults

You can change your default 'New Message' options in Mail.app. Here is how to do it: Open 'Mail' mail.app Next, click on 'New' or go to 'File -> New Message' Now, click on the drop down menu, and choose 'Customize' customize Now, add a check mark next to each item you want to appear. customize CC: Send a Carbon copy of the message, and all receivers will see who you add in the CC. BCC: Sends a Blind Carbon Copy. Receivers in the To and CC will NOT be able to see any addresses in this field. Reply To: When someone hits reply, it will sent to an address you specify here. Useful if you want them to reply to a different email address, than the one you sent it from. !: Importance Padlock: If you have a digital certificate, you can add this option as well. You can also add check marks next to the Account (if you have multiple email accounts) and a Signature. If you don't use either of these, they aren't of any use to you. Some options may be grayed out, since they are always required (for example: TO: and Subject:).