Mac Tips Daily! # 205 - Font Previews

Do you ever want to change your Font style when you are typing? You can use the basic Mac OS X Font dialog. By default, it only shows the list of fonts, and who can remember what they look like? Well, you can use the Preview option, and this makes it much easier to choose the perfect font. info Let's get to it: In your favorite Mac OS X app, bring up the Font dialog. In Mail, textedit, etc.. you can usually bring it up from the Format or Font menu, or choose 'Command - T', and it will usually work. font menu When the font dialog box appears, click on the drop down menu, drop down and choose 'Show Preview' font menu The Font Dialog will show up in the preview area. Now, click on 'All Fonts' on the Collections, and this will show you all of your available fonts. Simply select a font Family, Typeface, and Size. You can view each one in the preview are. font preview Note: If you notice the font isn't changing in the preview pane, again, click on one of the available Typefaces.