Mac Tips Daily! # 204 - Burn Folders

New in OS X Tiger is a Burn Folder. With a burn folder, you can drag and drop files into it, all without having to copy the files there, since it uses Aliases. This saves disk space, and keeps you from having redundant files on your Mac. Here is how to do it: Click on the Finder icon on your dock. finder Go to the menu,and choose 'File -> New Burn Folder' menu Now, a Burnable folder will be created on your desktop. burn folder Next, Drag and Drop files into your Burn Folder. Once you have the files inside your burn folder, click on the icon in the lower right hand of the window. It's an arrow with a circle around it. It will show the capacity you need to burn these files. Generally, most blank CD-Rs are 650MB and DVDs are 4.4 GB. So, this will be a guide on how much space you are going to need. Once you are ready to burn, click the 'Burn' button. inside the folder Now, OS X will ask you to insert a blank disc. It will remind you of how much space you need. Insert the disc (CD or DVD) and it will start burning. dialog When it's complete, you can drag the burn folder into the trash. Since it only used aliases (shortcuts to the real files), you can delete this folder without harming your original files.