Mac Tips Daily! # 203 - DVD Navigator

If you are using the latest version 4.6 of DVD Player on your Mac, here is a great way to enhance your viewing experience. It is a transparent navigation menu, much like the ones you see in the latest Quicktime and iTunes updates. You get direct access to the titles, chapters, audio, bookmarks, and more. Don't have 4.6 update? No problem, grab it here.


Here is how to do it: Open DVD Player. By default, it will open when you insert a DVD movie, unless you have changed it. If it doesn't open, simply launch it from your Applications folder. Next, go to the WINDOW menu and choose Navigator.


dvd navigation Now, you have direct access and control to all of these features. If it's too wide for you, you can simply grab the lower right corner of it, and when the cross-hairs appear, the menu will collapse as you resize it.