Mac Tips Daily! # 201 - Widgets On Your Desktop

Do you have a widget that you want to drop onto your desktop, instead of accessing Dashboard to view it? I have an Ebay and a Digg widget that I do this with. Here is how to do it: Open Dashboard dashboard Click the X and bring up the dashboard bar. x dashboard bar Now, click and drag a widget from the dashboard bar, but before you release the mouse button, press F12. This will show the desktop. Once you see the desktop, you can release the mouse button, and your widget will now be on the desktop. Mactips201 5-1 If you already have a widget that is open, and you want to move it to the desktop, simply click and hold on the widget, and press F12, and when the desktop is revealed, release the mouse button. Now, you can move the widgets around on your desktop to your preferred location. To close them, move your mouse over the widget, and press 'OPTION', and when the close button appears, click it. Note: I have been successful using this tip on most Macs, but I have seen one or two that I couldn't make it work. Let me know if you have any problems. Note: if F12 isn't working, check under System Prefs -> Dashboard & Expose -> and see what Function key 'Desktop' is set to. Change it if you need to.