Mac Tips Daily! # 200 - RSS Screen Saver

Do you love receiving headlines from your favorite web sites? Well, now you can do it with a cool screen saver, built right into OS X Tiger. It's called the RSS Visualizer, and if you have an always on net connection, it will pull down the latest headlines and show them as your screen saver. Let's get to it: Open System Preferences System Preferences80X80 Next, click on Desktop & Screen Saver desktop and screen saver Click on the Screen Saver tab Scroll down and click on 'RSS Visualizer' screen saver Click on Options, and choose your favorite RSS feed that you subscribe to. If you don't see the feed you want, simply go to any web site that offers an XML or RSS feed, and then bookmark that feed in Safari, and it will show up in your list. After you choose a feed, click 'Done' options