Mac Tips Daily! # 195 - Safari Web Archives

Have you ever wanted to save a website for posterity? Maybe there is some important content that you need to save. You can't always count on bookmarking a site. The site may go down or the content may change. Safari makes it easy to save the whole web page as a self contained archive. Here is how to do it: Open 'Safari' safari Now, go to one of your favorite pages (I suggest thinkmac.net). Once it has completed loading, go to the Safari Menu. Choose 'File -> Save As' safari save as Now, the title of the page will already be in the filename for you. You can change this if you wish. Be sure to select 'Web Archive' from the drop down menu. Navigate to your preferred Save location, and click 'Save'. Now, it will save the complete page in a self-contained 'Web Archive' file. To open it, simply double click on it, or drop it on your Safari icon on your dock. web archive