Mac Tips Daily! # 194 - Podcast Shuffling

When you listen to your iPod or iTunes set to 'Shuffle', you've probably had a podcast interrupt you when you are jamming to your tunes. Well, with iTunes 7, you now have a way to exclude certain items from working their way into your shuffle list. This tip will teach you how to eliminate podcasts from appearing when you have 'Shuffle' enabled. Here is how to do it: Open 'iTunes 7' itunes 7 Next, under 'Library' click on 'Podcasts' Now, hold down 'COMMAND' and press - 'A' This will select ALL of the podcasts. select all podcasts Press 'COMMAND' and 'i' - this will 'GET INFO' for the whole group of podcasts. Choose 'YES' under the 'SKIP WHEN SHUFFLING' menu. Click 'OK' get info Now, iTunes will update the info for these shows. If you have an iPod, you should SYNC it. If everything went as planned, when you are shuffling you will no longer hear podcasts when you are shuffling your tunes!