Mac Tips Daily! # 193 - Screenshot Shortcut

Have you ever needed to take a quick screenshot, and you don't need to save it to a file? With a little dexterity, you can do it, by modifying the screen capture keyboard shortcut. Use these shortcuts to take a screen capture and not save it to a file, but simply to your clipboard, so it can be quickly 'Pasted' into the app of your choice. Here is how to do it: To capture the whole screen, press 'Control-Command-Shift-3' (yes.. all at once). You may not think anything happened... keep reading for a bonus tip to help with that. To be a bit more selective on the area to capture, press 'Control-Command-Shift-4'. When the cursor turns into the cross-hair, 'Click and Drag' around the area you want captured. To get a particular window, press 'Space' to bring up the camera, and move the mouse tot he window you want to capture, and click the mouse. Bonus Tip: Maybe you forgot what you just captured, or perhaps you are not sure if it worked. No problem.. simply view the clipboard. Click on the 'Finder' on your dock. Go to the menu, and choose 'Edit -> Show Clipboard' show clipboard screenshot BTW, he won 1st Place in the TaeKwonDo National tournament for Sparring.