Mac Tips Daily! # 192 - Time Lapse Video with iMovie 6 HD

Have you ever seen any of those TV shows that show convenience store robbery tapes, or a sunrise coming up in the morning? You can create your own time lapse videos with an iSight and iMovie 6 HD. The date and time will be embedded, and you can watch hours of video in a very short amount of time. Here is how to do it: Open 'iMovie 6 HD' imovie Next, choose 'Create New Project' imovie Enter a name for your project, and choose 'iSight' for the video type (this is how you get the time lapse feature), then hit 'Create'. project Click on the slider and move it towards the camera. Then, click on the camera, and choose 'Time Lapse' camera mode When the dialog box appears, choose 'Capture 1 frame for every...'. You can change this setting, but when you are first starting, try it with the defaults. After the settings are how you want them, click 'OK'. Now, in the live video area, press the 'Record with iSight'. When you are testing it, do a time lapse of 3 or 4 minutes, and walk in and out of the picture, or just sit in front of the camera and use your computer with your day to day tasks. This will give you an idea of the type of video you are going to get. Stop recording by pressing the 'Record with iSight' button again. Now, to play your movie back, drag the clip from the 'Clip pane' to the 'Timeline', and hit 'Play'. lapse example All of your video will play fast, and the date/time will be embedded in the video.