Mac Tips Daily! # 191 - Secure Notes in OS X

Do you have some information that you want to keep for your eyes only? You can add secure notes into your keychain and you can decrypt on an 'as needed' basis. Ideas include offshore Cayman Island bank accounts & other clandestine activities ;-). Seriously, you can keep info like this, or maybe the recipe for your secret chili sauce. Here is how to do it: Open 'Keychain Access' keychain Finder -> Go -> Utilities -> Keychain Access Next, choose 'File -> New Secure Note Item' secure note Now, type in a name for it, and then click in the 'Note:' area and type in your confidential information. When you are done, click 'Add'. note Now, your note will be added to the list of secure notes. If you don't see the secure notes, click on 'Secure Notes' under the Category area. source To access it in the future, simply double click on it, and click on 'Show Note'. note Now, you will need to 'Authenticate' with your keychain password. authenticate For extra security, each time choose 'Allow Once'. This ensures that you have to enter the password every time. Now you will see all of your secure text decrypted and ready to read or update. Tip: Want to be extra secure? Don't add the notes to your 'login' keychain, create a new keychain just for them.