Mac Tips Daily! # 190 - Other iTunes Stores

Have you been wondering what the iTunes store looks like in other countries? Basically, It looks the same, except for the content. The top 100 in the USA is not the same as Australia. You will see the more popular stuff, but it's great to expose yourself to other content you may not have seen before. If you have been itching to check out the movie and tv section in the USA.. you will like this.

Here is how to do it:itunes

Open 'iTunes', and go to the Music Store home page. 

Now, scroll all the way to the bottom, where it says 'My Store', and choose a country that you want to check out. music stores itunes stores

Now, you will be signed out (if you were signed in). Go ahead and browse all of the different content. Music, Podcasts, Movies & TV Shows (in the USA). The reviews are even different... This is great for podcasters to see what kind of exposure they get in other countries, and it's great for podcast listeners to find some featured podcasts they may not have seen or heard before. You can subscribe to these podcasts, but you can't purchase anything. If you try to purchase anything, or sample too many items, iTunes will nag you to sign-in. Simply hit cancel, and continue on. If you do sign-in, it will take you back to the music store for your region.