Windows Friendly Attachments - Mac Tips Daily! #272

If you send email attachments to non-mac users (that's code for Windows Users), you can help ensure they get there in a format that they can understand. Mac files can consist of a resource fork & data fork, and sometimes Windows folks will get some stuff they can't understand or need. So, the best way to send them attachments, it to use a feature built right into Mail.app. I will show two options, the first one will change your default to ALWAYS send Windows Friendly Attachments, and the second one can be done on an individual basis. Let's do it: Option 1: 1. Open Mail mail.app 2. Edit -> Attachments -> Always Send Windows Friendly Attachments. mail.appOption 2: 1. Open Mail mail.app 2. Create a new message, by clicking the 'New' button. 3. Click the 'Attachment' button. mail.app