Mac Tips Daily! # 248 - iTune Cover Flow Full Screen

Listen | Review on iTunes If you have taken the plunge and updated to iTunes 7.1, you now have access to many new features. Most notably, Full Screen Cover Flow -- ready to impress you and your friends. Note: You need to be running iTunes 7.1. Download it from Apple.com or run Software Update to receive it. Here is how to do it: 1. Open iTunes 2. Select something from your 'Library' or 'Playlist' area. For example, click on 'Music'. Note: Cover Flow view doesn't work when you click on Podcasts. 3. View -> Cover Flow View view cover flow 4. At this point, you should see the regular half screen Cover Flow view. To turn it into Full Screen, click the Full Screen button. It's the roundish button in the corner with four arrows pointing towards the corners. full screen coverflow 5. To switch back, simply press Escape or click the Full Screen icon again.