Mac Tips Daily! # 245 - Warranty Information

Apple provides you with 1 year of warranty and support when you purchase a new Mac. However, if a problem arises, you may need to check and see if you are still covered. Also, if you plan on buying the Apple Care plan, you can check and see if you are still eligible. You just need the serial number of your computer and an internet connection. Here is how to do it: 1. Apple menu -> About this Mac about this mac 2. You will see your OS version. Click in this area until it shows your serial #. Once you have it, write it down. serial # 3. Now, go to Apple.com/support. On the right side of the web page is an area that says 'About Your Support Coverage'. Type in you serial # in the provided box, and click 'GO'. coverage 4. Now you should see how much coverage, if any, you have. Note: If you still within your 1 year warranty, you can still purchase the Apple Care extended warranty. warranty Note: You can also check warranty status of other Apple products with this method.