Mac Tips Daily! # 242 - Grapher - 2d & 3d Graphing

Mac OS X comes with a free mathematical graphing program,Grapher Grapher. It comes with several pre-defined graphs and equations that you can simply plug your own numbers into and watch it work it's magic. You can even create animations that you can save & share with others. I'm no math expert, but you can play around with the examples, and if you know what you are doing... it's a very powerful tool. 1. Finder -> Go -> Utilities -> Grapher Note: If you know what you are doing.... you take it from here. If not.. Read on. 2. Go to the 'Examples' menu, and choose a 2d or 3d graph. 3. Now, plug in some numbers and play around. knot Be sure to check out all of the menus and see the plethora of things this app offers. Have fun!