Mac Tips Daily! # 241 - Favorite Fonts

Digg This Podcast | Review on iTunes Do you find yourself accessing the same fonts over and over again when you are typing? If your application uses the standard OS X Font panel, you can add your frequently used fonts to a 'Favorites' collection. Here is how to do it: 1. Open the 'Font Panel'. Most OS X CoCoa apps can activate it several ways. It's commonly opened by pressing COMMAND-T (Show Fonts). show fonts You may also find it under the 'Format' menu. If the keyboard shortcut mentioned doesn't work, start looking in your menus, or hold down Control and Click, and usually a contextual menu will appear with a 'FONT -> Show Fonts' option.

Note: You usually have to be in a window where you are editing text, such as creating an email message. ----- 2. Choose the FONT under the 'FAMILY' column, and then customize it with colors, point size, etc. 3. Click on the drop down menu and choose 'Add to Favorites'. Alternatively, you may simply drag/drop it onto the 'Favorites' collection as well. customize fonts 4. Click on the 'Favorites' list under the 'Collections' column and you should see your Font listed. new favorites 5. To remove fonts from the 'Favorites' list, simply drag and drop them from the Font Panel window and they will leave with a puff of smoke. remove from favorites