Mac Tips Daily! # 240 - Rotate Video with QuickTime Pro

Have you ever taken a video with your digital camera and the orientation was all wrong? If you have Quicktime Pro, you can fix it easily. Note: You will need a registered copy of QuickTime player. When it's registered, it turns into QuickTime Pro. Here is how to do it: Open a movie with QuickTime Pro quicktime pro sideways movie This video is turned sideways, since I had my camera oriented vertically when I recorded the video. 2. From QuickTime, go to Window -> Show Movie Properties show movie properties 3. Now, select the 'VIDEO Track' and then click on 'Visual Settings'. video settings 4. Click the applicable 'Flip or Rotate' icons and watch your QuickTime movie orientation change. If you don't like the change, click on 'Reset'. corrected movie 5. Once the movie is positioned correctly, close the Movie Property window. 6. Now Save It. File -> Save