Mac Tips Daily! #236 - iPhoto 6 Effects

Digg This Podcast Now that the holidays are over, you probably have several photos to edit. Take some not so great photos and turn them into beautiful pictures. iphoto Here is how to do it: 1. Open iPhoto. 2. Double-click on an image. 3. Click on the Effects icon. effect It will bring up the effects panel, which provides you with 9 effects to choose from. Sepia, B&W, Antique, Color Fade, Color Boost, Matte, Vignette, and Edge blur. iPhoto Effects 4. Each time you click on an effect, it applies it over the previous one. For example, if you click on Matte, and then do it again, it continues to add mattes. Or if you click on Matte, and then on Antique, you will end up with a photo that is matte & antique. You can combine effects and come up with some great results. note: too many effects can make your pictures ugly... so don't go overboard. atlanta 5. If you don't like how the picture looks, no problem! Simply click on the 'original' effect (right in the middle of the effects panel), and it will go back to the original state. 6. Once you have the desired effect, click the 'Right Arrow' and iPhoto will save your changes. arrow - save changes