Mac Tips Daily! # 227 - Merge Address Book Cards

Subscribe with iTunes | Review on iTunes If you have multiple entries for a person or company in your address book, which may contain partial info, you can merge them into one single card. I would recommend backing up your Address Book before you try this tip - just in case you don't like the results. To do so, go to File -> Backup Address Book. Here is how to do it: Open 'Address Book' Addressbook I have two cards - but each one contains partial info. cards Hold down Command and click the cards you want to merge. select cards Go to the 'Card' menu and choose 'Merge Selected Cards' merge cards Now I have only ONE address card, and the info from both of them are merged into it. one card (notice the fictitious 'Cupertono' - it's south of 'Cupertino' ;-).