iTunes AppleScripts - Mac Tips Daily! #273

iTunes I get emails frequently asking how to extend the functionality of iTunes. Track management, playlists, exporting, etc. Some of the functionality people request isn't easily accessible in iTunes. However, we have some very cool options via Apple Script. Don't be afraid, these scripts are already written for you. You simply need to download them and install them.

Enter 'Dougs AppleScripts For iTunes'

The place I go for all of my Apple Scripts for iTunes is 'Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes'. It's the best site on the web to extend your iTunes functionality. Even better, Windows users of iTunes don't have the option of using Apple Script. One more advantage of using iTunes with a Mac. Head over to Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes and pick up some cool scripts to extend your iTunes functionality.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Super Remove Dead Tracks
Quick Convert What Are People Listening 2? Put This Where I Want It Search WikiPedia Tracks without Artwork Caution: Always read the 'Read Me' files, since it may contain info on how to use them. This is especially important for any scripts you install that delete tracks from your iTunes library.