iCal To-Do & Events - Mac Tips Daily! #275

icalYou can take items from your 'To-Do' list and turn them into iCal events. Sometimes though, you may want to take something fromt he To-do list and make it an event which gives you a little more control.

Let's get to it:

1. Open 'iCal'. 2. Create a new 'To-Do' item if you don't already have a list. If you need to create an item, double click in the 'To-Do' list area to create a new one. 3. Now, click and drag the item onto a date on your calendar. This will turn it into an event. 4. To edit the event, click on the 'i' next to the pushpin. This will open up the info window. From there, you can edit it by changing the time, naming it, setup reminders, etc.