Enable the Status Bar in Safari - Mac Tips Daily! #271

If you enable the 'status bar' in the Safari Browser, then you can see where a link is going to take you when you hover over it. Also, it's also a good troubleshooting tool, since it will also tell you how much longer a web page has to load, and tells you if it encounters any errors while loading. It's not enabled by default, so you have to turn it on manually. Let's get to it: 1. Launch 'Safari' 2. Notice that by default, there is not border (where the status bar will be). View Status Bar 3. Go the Safari menu and choose 'View -> Show Status Bar'. View Status Bar 4. Notice the new 'Status Bar'. View Status Bar 5. Hover over a URL to see the web address it's going to take you to. View Status Bar 6. Try clicking on, or typing in a URL, and you will see the 'status bar' update you with what's happening. Safari Status Bar By watching where you click, it can help you keep from clicking into some nefarious websites. More knowledge = power.