Enable Tabbed Browsing in Safari - Mac Tips Daily! #268

Tabbed browsing can really enhance your productivity while you are browsing the web. All modern browsers support it, but Apple doesn't enable it by default.

Here is how to enable it:

1. Open 'Safari' 2. From the Safari menu, choose 'Preferences'. 3. Click on the Tabs button. 4. Add check marks next to 'Enable Tabbed Browsing', and optionally, 'Select new tabs as they are created' and 'Always show tab bar'. 5. Pay special attention to the hints they provide you below the checkboxes. They offer shortcuts on how to open/close the tabs. 6. To open new tabs up, simply press COMMAND-T or use the menu and choose 'File -> New Tab 7. Close tabs easily by clicking the 'x' in the circle on each individual one. Enjoy your tabbed browsing!